Kid Motorz Police Motorcycle Battery Powered Riding Toy


Kid Motorz Police Motorcycle Battery Powered Riding Toy

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Dimensions: 48.43L x 24.17W x 32.24H inches
Police cycle with working sound and lights
Features realistic details and chromed parts
Includes 12-volt battery and charger
Top speed: 4 mph, 2 mph in reverse
Recommended for ages 5-8 years
It’s time for some toddler street justice with this 12V Battery Operated Police Motorcycle and its working sound and lights. Children are going to love the hand accelerator, parents are going to love the 2 and 4 MPH speeds and one 2 MPH reverse speed. Expect years of fun and photo opportunities with this one. Includes a battery and charger.
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Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 48.43 × 24.17 × 32.24 in