EzyRoller Classic Ultimate Riding Machine, Black


EzyRoller Classic Ultimate Riding Machine, Black

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This is the machine that started a movement: the original authentic EzyRoller. Sweeping across playgrounds and sidewalks of the world is a riding machine that fearlessly lets you curve your way. It’s called the EzyRoller. Smooth riding artistry that’s so much carefree fun, it leaves pretenders in its wake and has any kid from 4 to 40 hooked. It’s an addiction to the motion. Like a fish through water or a snake on land, Ezyroller works off an instinctive reptilian movement in all of us. Sitting low to the ground with hands free, the body shouts orders and the legs and feet answer, pushing back and forth against a foot bar. It’s also clever, with an extendable bar so it grows with its owner. And the assembly is so easy — 5 minutes until you’re up and at it. Alongside the original, there’s now a range of EzyRollers to suit little tykes, teens and adults.
EzyRoller Classic Ultimate Riding Machine, Black:
Ezyroller’s are easy to assemble and ready to ride in 5 minutes or less
Each EzyRoller comes with an extendable bar so the EzyRoller can grow with the rider
The low hands-free design is incredibly stable and easy to use
EzyRoller is fun for all ages, we recommend it for kids from 4-14
EzyRoller is a great alternative to bikes and scooters
Recommended for riders under 150 lbs

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